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About Bekir Algan

bekir alganBekir is the Director of Austin Yoga, a networking wellspring in the beautiful hill-country bioregion at the heart of Texas. He has integrated his technical background – a PhD in structural engineering, in the creative design and use of yoga props. The props are used for therapy / practice to provide optimal support / traction for the spine and to convert any living / working space to an exciting yoga studio. His teachings in yoga are inspired by the rich diversity of the Iyengar community. Simple and profound teachings of late Herman Aihara of GOMF have guided him in the path of healing practice. His extensive collaboration with Emily Conrad Da’oud of Continuum Movement has deeply moved him in the dance of the unfolding of his life.

His current studies of Ayurveda/”Science of Life” is directing his teachings towards a yoga therapy for seasonal healing and individual constitutional balance (“Ayur-Yoga”). He teaches a number of workshops at Dr. Vasant Lad’s Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico throughout the year. His wisdom is rooted in brilliant Vedanta teachings of Swami Dayananda at Arsha Vidya Gurukulum. Love (Ashk) and Light (Nur) in his life flows endlessly from the timeless. Sufi teachings of Serif Baba of Rifai Marufi Order: creating sparks in the hearts of kindred spirits.

His Classes/Workshops focus on Yoga Therapy using Asana as active meditation (presence); Pranayama (breath) and the core knowledge inspired by Yoga Sutras and Vedanta (essence) drawing from the full-spectrum of life. He has his own unique style of sharing his life, compassion and knowledge through his classes and lifestyle. He will inspire your daily life and practice. His local classes are open to all and they accommodate differences in experience and background.His current creative outlets include: Comprehensive Yoga Apprenticeship – transforming yoga practices into creative and satisfactory living for Yoga Folk / Teachers. His “Sacred ” yoga toys/pr ops are aimed at helping to create an exciting Yoga Studio at home or workplace. He is also promoting City of Austin as a health resort for healthy vacations!

He teaches yoga workshops around the country. A large number of his students teach in the Austin community and others direct Yoga Studios at various locations he visits. He is available for private sessions of Yoga Therapy and Guided Practice. Over the years, his group of students included administrators in the government of the State of Texas and University of Texas, members of the medical community, professionals, corporate or spa & wellness networks as well as everyday folk.

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