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Mary Carpenter Workshop

The Minute Method Meditation Practice

Mary Carpenter 22An Invitation to Wholeness,
Serenity, and Joy

2nd Sunday of the Month  5:00 – 6:00 pm
COST: Drop-in rates or class passes to be used to attend.
Based on:The Minute Method – It’s Life Changing! Realize Your Full Potentialby Carla Mancari.

Suffering is caused by our attachments to an identity, to things, to other people. The opposite of suffering is freedom. Freedom to enjoy your afternoon latte, or freedom to be at peace without your latte if the line at your local coffee house is too long. The freedom comes from an inner knowing that all needs are met by the One source who created you, loves you, and sustains you. With the Minute Method practice, attachments are dissolved, freedom is revealed.

Benefits: Within your Spiritual Heart Center lies the creative force that sustains the universe. The Minute Method practice is a direct pathway to your Spiritual Heart Center. You may connect with this loving source and live out from its guidance. With the Minute Method meditation practice, you may improve your relationship with your world, yourself and your loved ones.

Taught by Mary Carpenter, meditation guide and yoga instructor. Mary Carpenter is owner of Heart in Soul Yoga. She had been transformed by the Minute Method Practice and delights in sharing it with others. Beginners and experienced meditators are invited. More about Mary.

FMI contact Mary Carpenter, 361-813-1763,, or go to her website

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