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October 29th Workshop

Gong Meditation & Sound Healing:

With Lisa Tauferner, MA, RYT, Tsui Reiki Master
Brazos Healing
Sunday, Oct. 29th
5:00 – 7:00 p.m.
30.00 by Oct. 22th
35.00 after Oct. 22th
Open to All. No prior yoga or meditation experience is required.

Clear stress, release tension and soothe yourself to create through the deeply meditative healing sound of the gong. In this sound healing and meditative workshop, we will engage with naad through our voices in easy kriyas (posture movement sequences with breathwork) and meditations to prepare the body for the sound healing current of the gong. We’ll resonate with the sound currents that bring harmony, peace and inner stability to foster the change we desire to manifest. We will utilize the sound of mantra and the gongs (two gongs!) to create an anchor for our own personal intentions to carry us through this increasing frequency of change during these times. Each workshop is different in its intention, content and experience yet with all workshops, participants can benefit from its deeply restorative energy that carries through the evening and even days following the workshop. Learn more about Lisa

Quote from recent client: “Thank you for hosting the gong meditation and sound healing workshop. It had a profound effect on me, inspired me, made me feel more alive, and left me wanting more of that type of energy work in my life. I want you to know that if you hosted another workshop, I would attend.”

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• Space is limited. Your space is reserved once payment is received.
• No refunds will be given unless you cancel by July 24, 2017.
• Questions? Call Paula at 361 549-2466 or email her at

Gong Meditation