On-line Meditation Class

The Silence Within

A Four-week On-line Meditation Class via Zoom
Taught by Mary Carpenter

Time: Wednesday 7:30 to 8:30pm
Dates: Oct. 7th to Oct. 28, 2020
Cost: 45.00 (See PayPal Link Below)
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What are you made of? Flesh and bones? That is a mere appearance of your true essence. Cosmic star dust? Closer, but no. Within you is the essence and source of your true identity. Your “you-ness” is beyond the limits of this world we temporarily call home. Take a deep dive and unravel the ties that bind you to a limited existence. I’m not offering supernatural powers, but rather an awareness of the power that creates and brings forth life. With such awareness, you may begin to love from the deep well within you. Come explore with me the silence within that stirs the awareness of Oneness and your spirituality. In this 6-week class we will learn the Minute Method Meditation practice – a practice of simplicity and silence.

We will use Consciousness: Yours, by Carla R. Mancari – available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle. (Purchase your book on your own.)

You will need a Zoom account (free at Zoom.us) and a device with a camera – smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. However, you may dial-in with a telephone and participate via voice only, if you do not have such a device. You will also need a quiet place to situate yourself for the class (away from distractions and distracting background noise). You are responsible for your own technology to connect to the the class.

Contact Mary at mary@mbcarpenter.com or 361 813-1763.

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